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The movements such as rubbing, compressing, pugging done by hand or with a set of special tools on various organs of the body for medical purpose is called “massage”. This method is mainly used for stroke treatment, extra body fat burning, shaping organs.

The main movements applied during the massage are as following:

Rubbing: any part of the body is rubbed by compressing with the movements of the fingers and palms.

Compressing: This massage is done by pressing the fingers on any organ of the back.

Pugging: The organs to be massaged are taken inside the palms and are compressed like pugging a smooth material.

Striking: The organs are stroke with the sides of the hands in regular and smooth manner.

Scrunching: The soft parts of the massaged area are compressed with the press of palms and fingers.

Oily and creamy materials like “talc powder” and Vaseline are used on the hand and tools to allow easy gliding on the skin and to not hurt during such movements.

The massage has many advantages especially in the medicine branch. Thanks to the movements, the blood circulation is increased in the skin, in the muscles, the muscle bonds, in the bones and the articulations, this allows the organ to receive enough blood; any narrowed organ because of any disease can be developed and reach its normal size; the nerves get stronger; the pains are eliminated; jamming, the hardness, the swaggering of the articulations can be appeased. The muscles getting lean because of stroke and nerves can be strengthened with massage. It is observed that regular massage applied on paralyzed muscle allows it to recover its old power. Massages applied on the stomach and intestine can cure the troubles in this region.

However there are such diseases where it is better to not move the organs, otherwise it can be injured; massage should not be done in such cases. That is why you should pay attention to the instructions of the doctor on how and where to make massage.